Switching the Debate from Privacy to Consent

Today, personal data is being systematically collected and sold by companies to improve marketing and sales efficiency. People have very limited influence over their own data if they accept the terms and conditions necessary to use services ranging from facebook to banking.

Because data is being collected by a few companies mostly falling under a single lay, they political influence they have is increasing. Robots are replacing jobs, meaning that the owners of the robots have significantly more business and political influence than those who do not.

Innit empowers people by letting them own their own data and decide which data is donated, for what, to who. The data donation platform, contributes to the moving the current data monarchy towards data democracy.

Personal data ownership gives individuals a voice in political and business decisions. It puts people on a more even level with corporates and institutions. When more people have an influence on society it is more likely that we will create a social democracy. People are more likely than companies to invest in health research and prevention without the need of expensive medication and surgeries. Data is the raw material of research.

Everyone has data. Unlike with financial donations to research, everyone has a similar ability to donate. Therefore there will be a more democratic system to charitable donations.