Encryption Innovation Breakthrough

My Digital Identity embarked on a mission to build encryption that would allow the user to exact the value of personal data without compromising privacy. Even the software developers working on code should not be able to override the user.

Having been audited by leading security expert, NCC Group, we are delighted to make our encryption innovation breakthrough available.

“Beautifully encrypted” 
NCC Group, Global Expert in Cyber Security

The tool slots neatly under the hood of any personal app or software making use of personal data allowing for seamless integration with existing products without interfering with existing user experience.


Switching the Debate from Privacy to Consent

Today, personal data is being systematically collected and sold by companies to improve marketing and sales efficiency. People have very limited influence over their own data if they accept the terms and conditions necessary to use services ranging from facebook to banking.

Because data is being collected by a few companies mostly falling under a single lay, they political influence they have is increasing. Robots are replacing jobs, meaning that the owners of the robots have significantly more business and political influence than those who do not.

Innit empowers people by letting them own their own data and decide which data is donated, for what, to who. The data donation platform, contributes to the moving the current data monarchy towards data democracy.

Personal data ownership gives individuals a voice in political and business decisions. It puts people on a more even level with corporates and institutions. When more people have an influence on society it is more likely that we will create a social democracy. People are more likely than companies to invest in health research and prevention without the need of expensive medication and surgeries. Data is the raw material of research.

Everyone has data. Unlike with financial donations to research, everyone has a similar ability to donate. Therefore there will be a more democratic system to charitable donations.

How do we Extract the Value of Your Data Without Compromising Your Privacy?

Extracting the value of data without compromising privacy is our core mission. How do we do this?

Tech Structures Ensuring Privacy

Metrics are shared in aggregate form. For example “20% of Budapest eats cereal for breakfast”, rather than “that guy over there just ate cereal this morning”. Raw data is always owned and handled by the individual.

Additionally, the physical storage of raw data is pushed as much as possible onto a personal hard drive or phone. The databases containing the raw data are encrypted with a double encryption key meaning that the user will always have a password which Innit cannot override.

During this project, once a critical mass of users is built we would like to introduce reverse cryptanalysis. This is a technique where noise raw data is introduced that does not interfere with the averages i.e. the aggregate metrics. Noise raw data will make it more difficult to reverse engineer the data through deduction.

Legal Structures Ensuring Privacy

Lastly, the legal structure is specifically designed to maintain privacy. If the software were to be placed in a B.V. the shareholders introduced at a later stage could influence the privacy settings. This is why the software is held in a co-op which is co-owned by the data users themselves. The advisory board of the co-op is in place to provide credibility and enact the wishes of the users. The function of the Foundation is to produce the metric. The metric then passes to the BV whose function is to commercialise the metric. In this way, the co-op does not become dependent on donations which can, in turn, also influence the privacy settings. The Foundation BV twin structure brings the best of both worlds: financial sustainability while maintaining the core principle. There are very clearly defined agreements between the parameters of the relationship between the BV and the Foundation, and the Foundation and the user.

First Seed Investment from City of Rotterdam

Proudly announcing seed finance coming from a strong partner — the City of Rotterdam and the GGD. Driven to promote preventative health and empower the citizens of Rotterdam through personal data passports, Innit has been selected to implement the concept in a test environment. With a focus on being pioneers of our digital future, the City of Rotterdam and Innit are working together closely to deliver results. Having bootstrapped the development for two years, Innit will now move into a new phase having received this crucial seed investment.