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Committed to extracting the value of data without compromising privacy

About Us

Innit Foundation is a digital rights think tank. We catalyse the digital plumbing revolution through a combination of public awareness, lobbying and facilitating the building of practical tools.



Your Digital Identity

Your Digital Identity

Giving people back their digital identity. People should own their own data.

Nudging Data Driven Decisions

Nudging Data Driven Decisions

Data driven decision making to create good societies. Measuring lifestyle and nudging you to be the best you.

Win-Win Revolution

Win-Win Revolution

We are a European initiative radically rethinking data and the shape of the Internet.

Programing Democracy

Programing Democracy

Programing democracy and letting people influence their society. Putting you on an even footing with corporates and institutions.

Analytical Applications

Analytical Applications

We want artificial intelligence for social good as well as corporate interest. It is possible for everyone at the table to win.

Infographics and Data Visualisations

Infographics and Data Visualisations

Moving towards prevention and precision medicine through health data analytics. Medical professionals should have the big picture.

Our Story

How did we start?

With so much talk of tech and big data, why are public researchers still walking around with clipboards? As part of a Brazilian epidemiology study, Mitzi László, Innit’s founder, was tasked with walking from door to door collecting data. Her brief as a neuroscientist was to design experiments looking into decision making around the big four health behaviours: moving, eating, drinking, smoking. In a time when we “create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data”* and spend 6% of global GDP** on public health, there has be an alternative to the clipboard.
* IBM Website accessed October 2016
** World Bank accessed October 2016


Ever wondered what personal data is out there about you? What does this data say about you?

Your personal data has value which other people are taking. Google earns about 90$ and Facebook earns about 35$ a year from your data. Browsing and communication data is only part of your digital identity. Health records, financial transactions, genome data, all this has value. Other people are profiting from your identity — digital slavery. Imagine if you could make a basic income from selling your personal data.

Personal Data Trading (PDT) is a framework that gives individuals the ability to own their digital identity and create granular data sharing agreements via the Internet. Rather than the current model which tolerates companies selling personal data for profit, in PDT, individuals would consciously sell their personal data to known parties of their choice and keep the profit. At the core is an effort to re-decentralise the Internet. Read the white paper on Abolishing Digital Slavery with Personal Data Trading to find out more.

Are you interested in being one of the first people to reclaim their personal data?

1000 people will be beating a path through the process of recuperation and encrypted storage of their personal data. The process needs to be streamlined into a user friendly convenient tool such as an app or a site. This is an experiential crowdsourced journey. Data collection by the individual is the first step works Personal Data Trading.

If you would like to embark on this journey, join us by making your first monthly donation. We look forward to having you on board!

How is this funded?

Participants donate 5 euros per month which will be put towards finalisation of the app and lobbying process. All financial accounts will be transparently reported so that you can see exactly how much is being spent on what, when.

Who is coordinating this?

Mitzi László will be coordinating the recollection of personal data via Innit Foundation (Dutch registration number 62697099). You can read the story of how Innit Foundation was born here.

Will Innit Foundation own my data?

No. Innit Foundation will facilitate the collection for you to own your data via an app. You will own your data. You will need to give permission to Innit Foundation to systematically lobby companies and institutions to make the data collection possible and as automatic as possible. Mitzi has collected her own data, but the process is painfully bureaucratic (think customer service). With a larger group who give permission to Innit Foundation to act on their behalf the hope is that the pressure to automate the transfer will be sufficient.


Can I leave half way through?

Yes. There is no contractual obligation to continue being part of this journey, you can opt out at any point, immediately. It would be appreciated if you could give as a month’s notice or so, just so that there is time to find your replacement. If at any moment you would like to leave, email with the title ‘Cancel Donations’. The payments will immediately stop and the permission for us to collect your data will be annulled so we will arrange to halt the lobbying to collect your data.

As one of the participants, how will I be able to get updated and ask questions?

Participants are invited to the personal data trading Slack channel, a desktop and mobile application which lets project teams communicate. On Slack, you will be able to ask questions which will be answered once a week in a regular update. This update will also include achievements of the previous week and goals of the coming week, as well as questions to you about your thoughts and feelings on resolving specific issues. Your feedback is valuable to the process, because, after all, you will be the first users. You may be asked for recommendations on people to contact for specific tasks. You have no obligation to ask or reply to questions, they are purely optional.

Is this available to non-Europeans? 

The European data laws facilitate collection by the individual, unlike many non-European countries. However, we are very open to seeing how far we can get in different countries. This whole journey is ultimately experimental so we cannot make promises of immediate success. However, we can promise that we will push to collect your data using all the available tools and will communicate with you weekly about how that is going.